Senior Digital Media Project: Final Process Journal

Final Journal

Production Process

Week 1 – 4

These weeks were a little bit strange for me because I was still planning my project for the website I was going to make about Nanaimo local food. Although my project started a little late I think that there was a really big lesson in it. I over shot what I could take on and I had to admit that and then scale back and evaluate what I really wanted to say. I realized that I tend to have really great ideas but not think of the final message. As a graphic designer I am always getting to the root of someones communication problems and asking them what they truly want to say and what their message is but I rarely ask myself those questions. Being my own client is tough and I can’t just skip the initial research and defining the problem. This will lead to confusion and distress never knowing when something is accomplished.

In week 4 I re-did my project proposal to relfect the new set of problems and peramiters that I set out. I needed an online portfolio site that reflected who I was as a brand, clearly displayed my work and made it easy for people to get a hold of me. I also needed to create a short video to show a little bit of who I was as a person.

Week 5

This week was spent on the design of the site. I made my moodboard and nailed down who I was and what I wanted to say. I picked colours that represented what I want to say and the feel of the site. I also narrowed down the language that I want to use. I settled on friendly and a little bit casual but also upbeat and professional. – 8 hours

This week I also started writing about my work that is on my site. I needed to explain the problem and how I solved that with design. This streched me and made me go back into the archives of my projects and realluy dig into what I learned from each one. I read the project briefs again and used some of the language that was on the course description. – 7 hours

I also wrote the script this week. The main thing with the script was that I had so much that I wanted to say but making sure that I said as much as I could with as little words as possible was the challenge. So the workflow of the script was just spitting all my ideas out first and then cutting things, adding things and generally narrowing it all down.  – 6 hours

I also mapped key scenario paths. This is the start of my thinking about the website and what I want to say and how I want the user to flow through the site. I also spent time on other portfolio sites gathering what I liked about how I flowed through and when things didn’t work for me – 3 hours

Week 6

This week was tweaking tweaking tweaking and experimenting experimenting experimenting. I swear I chose five different themese in squarespace and didn’t pick any of them – 5 hours

I continued to write about my work. After looking last week  over the archives of my work I was refreshed and reminded of what all the projects were. That made is so much easier to continue writing about them.  – 4 hours

This week I created my Storyboards for my video. After writing the script I knew what I needed to say I just had to experiment and really nail down how I wanted to say it and with what esthetic. I knew I wanted to use stills and some video. I wanted to use my colours but also a sort of handmade and reflect my brand. I also spend some time researching other videos and what some short videoes can  get across. – 5 hours

Week 7

Design – 2 hours

Storyboards – 5 hours

Create Site Map – 4 hours

Week 8

Media Content Editing – 4 hours

Filming – 8 hours

Photography – 8 hours

Week 9

Design – 3 hours

Media Content Editing – 8 hours

Week 10

Media Content Editing – 4 hours

Week 11

Media Content Editing

Create Prototype – 4 hours

Week 12

Creating Prototype – 16 hours


Discuss the overall production process that I engaged in. Reflect on what went well and what could have gone better and what I learned.

I started this semester thinking that I was going to take on a project that highlighted the local food in Nanaimo. I was going to make a website that showcased local food but I soon realized that I had bitten off way more than I could chew. I had overshot my ambition and was distressed even before I started working on the project. I changed my focus which made me kind of behind in my thinking. I think this was one of the things that went wrong with my process during the project. I felt like I was swimming upsteam trying to get ahead on my porfolio project. By the time I was done I was exahausted. Next time I will plan more and spend more time making a solid foundation for the duration of the project.

Something did go right though. One thing was how I nipped procrastination in the butt.

How did things go differently than I expected?

Honestly it was a lot for difficult doing work that was so personal. I have learned at school the past four years to ask the right questions to the client and figure out what they need. It almost felt like twice the amount of work because I had to ask the questions but I also had to have an answer for them. My personal brand also came together a lot this semester and that changed a little of how the video functioned and looked.



Marketing For Graphic Design: Update



This week has been about tweaking, tweaking, tweaking! I have been tweaking my script and tightening up my video. I feel like last week I had all my pieces, then we talked and tightened up the execution of what I am going to say. Now I am just updating the visuals to reflect those changes.Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.34.32 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.34.22 PM

Senior Digital Media Project: Update

April 1

Website Draft:

Video Draft:

Project Title: Personal Portfolio

Detailed Hour Breakdown: 

  • Editing footage
  • Making video stills
  • Editing video stills into iMovie
  • Writing copy on website

Reflection Section: 

This week and couple works I  have delved deep into putting together my video. I have both video still and footage that I am editing together. I have put all my content into my website and I am testing it. I am also still writing copy for the site. I have been working on my portfolio in the other class and want the language to be consistent throughout the whole thing.


Senior Digital Media Project: Update

This last week has been a breathe of fresh air to be working on what I really want to be working on. Since changing my project to doing a online portfolio and video my mind has been as ease. I have also been feeling like I have a lot of work to do.

Project Title: Personal Portfolio

Date and Week: March 18th

Total Hours Worked: 15 hours

Detailed Hour Breakdown: 

  • media content editing: I have been re-designing, outputting, gathering to make it appropriate for web use. (5 hours)
  • Filming: This has consisted of making my movie file and making video stills for it and testing and prototyping with that. (5 hours)
  • Photography: I have been photographing some of my work to make it the best it can be for the web. (2 hours)

Reflection Section: 

I think that I missed posting a blog post last week but I am going to go back and write about the work that I did! This week I have also been scouring others personal portfolio sites. Even though I did this in the beginning with my research I have gone back (knowing what I know now) and really looking at what they have and how it functions. I have been noting what I like and what works and what I don’t like and what feels old and clunky. I think the main thing that I learned was to limit the pieces that you show on your site. For me this means only show what I think is my absolute best work. Really figure out where I want to be and what I want to be doing and show that.


Senior Digital Media Project: Process Journal 4

Project Title: Edible Nanaimo

Date and Week: Feb. 1 2014, week 6

Total Hours Worked:

16 hours

Detailed Hour Breakdown: 

  • 2 class hours
  • 1 hours research (Writing Course I am Taking)
  • 8 hours planning the design (Part of this I am doing in the next week between this class and next)
  • writing the script (6 hours)
  • Map Key Scenario Paths (2 hours)
  • Customizing Code (3 hours)

Reflection Section: 


Marketing For Graphic Design

A whir wind week! This week has been really good for me. I have been nailing down my brand. Underneath are visuals from my illustrator file. I have also started work on my video! I will add screen shots of that too. I picked up a tube for my poster and priced it out at arc print rounding in at $15 which I am pleased with. I have also almost nailed down the copy and rough that I want for my poster. In Digi my website is coming along nicely and I have content starting to go up on there. So far I have three project out of 8 online, so a good start I think!


all flowersHow the flowers and colour palette interact. Also thank you postcards to send out.
color paletteMy colour palette
color palettt

I chose the typeface quicksand. It has a large family and has the friendly appearance that I think I have. It is clean and fresh as well to go along with the colours and flowers. font logoAnd above is my logo so far.

Below are two screen shots to show the visual way that the video is going and how the vector and old video imagery is working together. I am excited about the video because I want to create something with strong bones that can be used again and changed in subtle ways to reflect that of the company that I am targeting.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 8.54.30 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 8.55.08 PM


Graphic Design for Business: Update

This week meeting with my group they had really good insight into what should be in the brand book. This is where I was so far this week and they added some really points that I’m going to add. I am going to add a percentage of padding around the logo. That way as the logo scales so will the amount of white space around it. I am also going to add ‘acceptable colors’ and ‘non acceptable colors’ that it can be. I also will nail down a serif font for body copy.Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 7.19.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 7.20.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 7.20.14 PM